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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Download The Treasures of Montezuma 3 full version pc game and Play it on Your PC


Download The Treasures of Montezuma 3 full version For Free

Download The Treasures of Montezuma 3 full version pc game and Play it on Your PC!


Match tokens to unlock incredible riches in The Treasures of Montezuma 3! With over 200 levels, amazing visual effects, explosive audio and stunning backgrounds that shatter the boundaries of art in casual games, The Treasures of Montezuma 3 is a must-have game for match-three fans!

The Treasures of Montezuma 3 will challenge your skills as you try to rack up as many points as possible in one minute. The Magic Totems make a return, allowing players to pull off insane combos. By using the powers of the totems strategically, you can score high enough to earn the Magic Stars you need to upgrade your bonus items to the max! Don't miss out on playing the most spectacular match-three game in the award-winning Montezuma series!


Download The Treasures of Montezuma 3 full version pc game and Play it on Your PC!

160 arcade levels
42 mind-melting puzzle levels
Casual and Expert modes
Five treasure rooms
40 treasure chests
22 trophies
Stunning visuals
Incredible sound effects
OpenFeint support

Montezuma Puzzle is a relaxing and logical tiling Puzzle game in the Ancient Aztec Empire scenery. Arrange the puzzle shapes in the right patterns. Sounds simple? Try out!

You have one chance in a million to find and get legendary Montezuma treasure and its immortality. Don’t miss this chance, such things happen ones in a lifetime. Treasure sparkle and attract, but they are guarded by the spirits of ancient totems. Solve their puzzles and they will give you wealth and immortality!
But be careful! Nothing can last forever even in the legends… One wrong step or time flying too fast can play an evil joke on you... TRY and RISK – we only live once and the legends of immortality and wealth are eternal! The game offers full support of Touch Screen/Stylus and other telephones!

  Download The Treasures of Montezuma 3 full version pc game and Play it on Your PC!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Download Mahjong full version pc game and Play it on Your PC


Download Mahjong full version For Free

Download Mahjong full version pc game and Play it on Your PC!


Did you know there is actually a difference between Mahjong (also spelled mahjongg, mah-jong, or mah-jongg) and Mahjong Solitaire? Mahjong is actually a 4 player game involving skill, strategy, calculation, and luck; while Mahjong solitaire is a tile matching, single player game.

‘Mah-jong’ can be translated from Chinese as ‘clattering sparrow’, ‘flax sparrow’ or possibly as ‘hemp bird’. The tiles when shuffled make a melodious noise reminiscent of the noise of numerous sparrows squabbling over scattered food crumbs.

Since many of us are addicted to this little game, I thought I’d put it up here in case we are ever away from our computer but have access to an Internet connection that way we can hustle on over here and get a fix! (Get to it already!)
How to Play

Download Mahjong full version pc game and Play it on Your PC!

The goal is to clear the board by removing all the tiles from the layout. Layouts can differ in pattern, size and height. There exist hundreds of different layouts. You must remove the tiles in pairs. A pair consists of two tiles which both are a) “free” and b) identical (or of the same type).

A tile is “free” when:
no other tile is lying above or is partially covering it
no other tile is lying to the left or to the right of it

Two tiles are identical if they look exactly the same (of course…). An exception to this are the Flowers and Seasons tiles. They are non-identical matching tiles and belong to the same type. All the Flowers tiles match one another and all the Season tiles match one another. You should study them before starting a game.

Each tile appears four times in a standard solitaire mahjongg game. Again an exception for the Flowers and Seasons tiles who appear only once each during a game.

It’s not as easy as it sounds; you can end up with having matched the “wrong” pairs and you may find yourself stuck, with unmatchable tiles blocking other key tiles so you can’t clear the layout. You must be careful before removing a pair, you should look for where the remaining pair is in the layout and plan ahead. If all four of an identical tile are free, remove them to ‘unclutter’ the field. It’s not only a game of pure luck, you have to play strategic.

Remember that there are four of each tile. When removing a pair, an identical pair exists in the layout. Is it trapped by your removal of the first pair?
Concentrate your efforts on long rows and tall stacks.
Plan ahead as many moves as you can.
If all four of a tile are available, remove them all to unclutter the field.
Identify as many matching pairs as possible. Check for tiles that need to be unblocked.
Beware of triples (three matching free tiles); choose carefully which pair you remove. Leave the one that’s blocking the least important tiles.
Concentrate on removing pairs that will unblock the most tiles.

Free Mahjong Game offers the following options:

Dream - Very easy Mahjong
Towers - Easy tiles removal
Cloud - Normal Mahjongg play
Red Dragon - Hard to play solitaire
Ninja Game - The unbeatable Mah-jong

Challenge yourself and move to the top of the tower; win and feel the satisfaction of completion by finishing all mahjong solitaires included in this online version of the classic tiles game.

A "How to Play Mahjong" screen option will give you the basics on how to play the game.

  Download Mahjong full version pc game and Play it on Your PC!

Download Burger Shop 2 full version pc game and Play it on Your PC

Download Burger Shop 2 full version For Free

Download Burger Shop 2 full version pc game and Play it on Your PC!

In Burger Shop 2, you are once again tasked with combining ingredients coming from an ever-
producing food machine to serve the constant stream of customers coming into the restaurant.
In addition to the burgers and sandwiches that you dealt with in the first game, you will also be
responsible to serve a number of breakfast and dinner items, such as bacon and eggs, waffles,
roasted chicken, and meatloaf. In addition to rebuilding a successful restaurant empire, you will
also be trying to figure out exactly what happened to you and the burger shops you originally

Download Burger Shop 2 full version pc game and Play it on Your PC!

Burger Shop 2
Cook up more fun than ever before in Burger Shop 2, the eagerly anticipated sequel to the hit
arcade game.

Thanks to out-of-this-world help from BurgerTron 2000 and your superb skills, you were able to
build a burger empire in Burger Shop. You were on top of the world but now, well, you're in a
dumpster . . . literally. And that's just the start! Not only have you been thrown out with the trash,
but your restaurants have been boarded up and there's a strange bump on you head too!

Join BurgerTron 2000 and BurgerBot 2.0 on a fast-paced trip through town to rebuild your
burger business. Meet all-new customers, serve new menu items, and uncover the truth about
what happened to your original burger chain in 120 challenging levels.

Critics called the first Burger Shop, "a game that's definitely worth sinking your teeth into." Now,
go beyond burgers in Burger Shop 2 with more than 100 dishes to cook, special achievement
trophies to earn, and much more. Play Burger Shop 2 free with the trial version, or download the
full version and enjoy unlimited fun today.

Download Burger Shop 2 full version pc game and Play it on Your PC!

Monday, July 14, 2014



How are you doing today? I hope this mail find you well. I'm Nitin Shan Working has a Branch Manager from Reserve Bank Of India, Am writing this mail with my personal email address. I want to bring to your notice that a cheque of $500,000UDS on your name was brought to our Bank from Diplomatic Billy Cheshaw on behalf of Coca-Cola company from UK. We are told that your email address was among there lucky winner that is why they brought your winning amount to our bank instead of your own personal bank but the cheque has to pass through RBI because according to the bank policy any amount more than $20,000 has to pass through RBI before this can be transfer to your direct bank. The check is 100% okay After verifying the check but the only problem we are facing now is that the diplomat is not ready to release the Transfer Code due to the fact that he have not received is services charges for bringing the check down to India.

Right now the Diplomat have request for the sum of 65,800 INR for his service charges before he release the Transfer Code. At this junction nothing to done expect the service charges is pay to the Diplomat and according to the rules and regulation you are the one suppose to be responsible for the service charges of the diplomat but i want to help you personal with my own money and by the time the money is transfer to your account you have to paid me in double amount. i want this to be our agreement that is why am writing you with my own personal email without informing any of my stuff, because if they later discover have done something like that i may be fire from the office and i believe you know what that means, so i want this to be a secret between you and I that you will never disclose this to anyone.

Let me know if you are capable to handle the service charges of the 65,800INR yourself or i can official assist you with the amount but you have to promise me you will return the money back to me with double amount after you receive the payment in your account and you have to make sure you don't inform anyone because no any bank official will do this for you.

I don't want you to miss this winning amount that is why i really want to help you if you are not capable to make the payment yourself. I will quickly contact my relative to issue a check of that 65,800INR on your name so you can take it to your bank for clearance and After you have made this payment to the Diplomat, We'll request for your account details and it will take less than 3 hours to process your transfer to your account after the Transfer code is release from the Diplomat.

I will request the following information so the check of 65,800INR can be send to you on time from my Relative so you can use to pay for the Diplomat and please make sure you don't disclose this to anyone because i will be fire from my office if they know i did something like that.

1....Your full name as it will appear on the Check,
2....Your full address to ensure delivery of the Check to your door step,
Zip Code:
3....Your phone number on the package to avoid package missing in transit.

All of your documents has been giving to us by Mr Billy Creshaw diplomat on behalf of Coca Cola.

Your winning consignment contains all of the following items:
1.) Your Winning Prizes $500,000UDS
2.) Winning Certificate.
3.)Affidavit of claims/eligibility.
4.)Insurance Certificate issued from insurance authority.
5.)Fund Release Order From Financial Service Authority( UK)

We hope to read from you the acknowledgment reconfirmation of this mention above information as being authorized by you so that we can effect the transfer immediately.

Looking forward to read from you soonest.

Your's Sincerely,
MR Nitin Shan

Saturday, July 12, 2014

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Friday, June 27, 2014


Dear Sir/Ma

How are you doing? Hope all is well with you and your family. I'm still unhappy just because Have send several mail to you but you keep on ignoring my mail, I know you will surly think this is a scam for you to received a mail from someone you don't know asking for help due to a lot of mail you received daily from different people and different stories. I know 98% of the people in the world will never believe, 2% of people in the world will only believed until they see a proof to know if it is true or not. This is because of bed experience you must i have or heard from people about meeting someone you never meant before.

I recognize you through your mail address that you are from India I'm from India also that is why is easy for me to know a email address from India. Let me introduce myself first before telling you the reason why am sending this mail to you.

I'm Mrs.Manpreet Arora from India 58 years old without a child, married to late Dr Pinaki Patel Arora, The reason why am sending this mail you is that i really need your help in India due to my absence, I'm in US right now for my medical check up, But i just heard a sad News from my Doctor that I will not last for two months due to Colon Cancer, I have dream about this sad News last night and this come to the same Reality the next day. I ask God if i can make a Vow for him to spare life in the dream while God told me to go ahead and i Promise to Donate the sum of 50Lakh and 20wheelchairs to the Charity humanity and the less privileged in my country. Please i want to fulfill my Vow to God so he can spare my life, I can't contact any of my family and relative or friends for this just because they will never believe or take me serious if i ask them to do this help till the day i promise to God. They will be confuse if something wrong is not going on with me has normal person will surly think. Please i want to put this donation in your care so you can handle it for me. The only thing i need from you is just truth and honest to do it complete without deducting any single things from the Vow. I know God will surly spare my life with more years on this earth if truly you do it complete, and i promise to give you what is more then this donation if you are not attracted with this small donation am sending you.

Have been trying all my possible best how this donation will workout without my presence in India while i have contact my banker In India and i was told i can issue a check since i come along with my check. I want to send you this check of 50lakh and 20wheelchairs with next available flight coming to India so you can help me do this donation with cash to any of the Charity humanity or the less privileged organization in any part of India. Please i want you to help me on time with this donation immediately you received the 50lakh and the 20wheelchairs. I have contact my bank and i was told they will make the payment available to the depositor account the same day the check was taking to the bank so you can do this with cash.

Please help me out and i promise I won't cause you any financial problem. I will be offering you with 1lakh 50,000 INR free for helping me and in case if any charges is taking for clearing the check fast from the Bank. So the total amount you will received is 51Lakh 50,000 INR with the 20Wheelchairs.So pls let me know if you are in position to help. So if you are okay please provide me with the following information to get the check to you along with all the 20 wheelchairs.

1....Your full name as it will appear on the Check,
2....Your full address to ensure delivery of the Check and the wheelchairs to your door step,
3....Your phone number on the package to avoid package missing in transit.

The doctor has just confirmed to me that I will be going for my cancer surgery operation in the next 3days which I cannot predict what might be the outcome. I only want you to follow my instructions properly as I instructed you to do.

Kindly get back to me with this requested information so that i can proceed in sending to you asap

bye for now..

Thanks and waiting to read from you soonest. Please always remember to check your mail time to time because you will always get in touch to me through mail if i have any urgent information i need to pass across to you has am not allow to use phone till the Operation is done.

Waiting for your urgent mail with the information if truly you are ready to be honest to me.

Best Regards
Mrs. Manpreet Arora.