***RANGOLIE'S*** Super Authors :- Satish Kamboj, Maulik Sonpar, Meeta Pandit, Chetan Joshi, Urvashi Sonpar,Kusum Vyas,Juhi Sonpar,Shruti Goswami,Ritu Bansal,Rajeshwari

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hello world,

   Team Rangolie is Group of Indian Classic lover....people who has grown up with old melodies around them at every juncture of the life......We love the melody of Lata Didi,We love the rock n roll of Shammi Ji & RD.Asha Ji is the queen of Candid persona who always sheds our daily stress away...Whether its Guruduttji,VShantaramji,Hrishikesh Mukherjee,Ashok Kumar,Madhubala,Meena Kumari we are the Guardians of old and classic era of INDIAN CINEMA.

   We feel proud to share and talk about Hindi as well as all other regional Indian Cinema.Whether its Gujarati Cinema,Marathi Cinema,Tamil Cinema,Telugu Cinema,Malayalam Cinema,Marvadi Cinema,Bengali Cinema,Kannad Cinema,Oriya Cinema,Nepali Cinema,Bhojpuri Cinema,etc.,

    People who still feel that todays advanced techno and digitized music can not stand up to the tap of Tabla or Music of Sitar and Basuri.....Than You are already a RANGOLIAN !! Join US NOW and spread the word across....Your presence in our team is extremely Vital..........Join the Team of Protectors of OLD and Classic ERA  :)

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